Attention : We don’t buy/sell stolen phones, we never have, and we never will.

About US

How We Started

SellMyCell’s Journey of Selling Mobile Phones Fast and Secure

Sellmycell was born in 2019 to provide a safe and easy way for people to sell their old mobile phones. We began by observing how people sell old mobile phones offline in rural areas near Bangalore. Then the pandemic struck, and we noticed a rise in demand for old phones for cash in those areas. We came up with a solution because the villagers didn't know how to sell old mobile phones online. As a result, we partnered with the local shops nearby so that people would receive the most cash for their phones after selling or exchanging them. That's how we got our eureka moment!

The concept of selling used phones has been around for years. However, the benefits were observed when they are sold online.  That is why we created our own platform to make it easier for people to sell their old or new phones for good money. We ensure that you get the highest possible price for your smartphones without having to deal with third-party costs or scams. 

Our Vision

We aim to make it easier for people to sell their mobile phones from any corner of the country. For companies that sell or buy used phones, reaching people in remote areas with limited accessibility is quite challenging. Our team is trained to assist people in need and advise them about the condition of their phones as well as recommend used phones of their budget if they are willing to buy one.

We offer buyback for all well-known brands like Apple, Samsung, VIVO, OPPO, OnePlus, Nokia, Micromax & many more.  Today, we are helping people sell their old and used phones every month through our website and app across Bangalore. The good news is we’re expanding our network to other cities soon. With us, you can sell your old, used, or new phones, without leaving the comfort of your home.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We do not engage in price wars with used mobile phone sellers. Instead, we offer you a safe and easy way to sell phones online.
  • We offer the highest value for your smartphones in this industry.
  • In addition, we provide a smooth transition of ownership, as it is very important to have ownership of the phone immediately after purchase to prevent further complications.
  • We provide necessary accessories if any replacement is required.
  • We deal with Smartphone buyback, refurbished smartphones, smartphone accessories, Smartphone repair, and Mobile Phone recycling in case you want to dismantle the phone and not use it anymore.
  • Our team gives utmost attention to your data on the phone given the increasing cybercrime around metropolitan cities. We make sure all your data is erased from the phone after moving the data to your cloud storage and then sell the phone in a complete format. This way, we ensure your data is not compromised for any security reasons. 

We Have Some Questions For You!

Do you have an old mobile phone lying around somewhere in your house? Are you looking to sell your new mobile phone for instant cash? You might consider visiting or downloading our App. Here you can browse through the various offers and request quotes for your phone. It’s that simple!